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About Us

Conceived and born from the idea of glamorous fashion, 37LA is the fruition of Mariella Garcia's long-time dream, combined with hard work and undeniable eye for fashion.

"I've always wanted to bring the luxurious glam and lifestyle through my design and I want to deliver it in a chic, fashion forward, and of course, affordable kind of way."

37LA was created from the intricate hands of Mariella. Every 37LA fashion pieces are artworks that showcase the passionate heart of the designer. Vibrant color patterns, bold designs, and attention to detail are the main ingredients of her designs. She keeps an eye on the ever changing trends in the fashion industry and she knows that evolution is the key to the seasonal trends and up to date style on the runway.

"All women are beautiful; beauty is inside all of us." Biblically, we are made in the image and likeness of God and we were woven in our mother's womb, fearfully and wonderfully made by an all mighty Creator. Hence from this truth Mariella coined the term, A God Fashioned Life as the central theme and inspiration of her works."

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