LIFESTYLE.INQ "The Masters wowed, the Millennials held their ground"

Updated: May 26, 2019

The Masters showed how; the Millennials replied in kind. The one-upmanship is what makes “Face-Off,” Inquirer Lifestyle’s banner fashion event—now on its 10th year—always a delight to watch. No designer wants to walk away with a boring and unmemorable look. Nobody wants to be the least applauded. Not even those who have been on the same stage before. Maybe especially not those who have been on the same stage before, and surely, not the ones  stepping in the arena for the first time.

The younger, less experienced designers want to hold their own against their seniors, while the veterans don’t want to yield turf, or are simply passionate about their craft.

So, over a fortnight ago, they all came bearing arms, er, sequins and crystals and tulle, and tussled it out on the runway, when Lifestyle, in partnership with Seda Vertis North, presented “Entwine 2019 Face-Off Bridal Edition.”

It was the second bridal edition and the second “masters versus millennials” concept of the annual event. As in previous Face-Offs, this show was directed by veteran fashion director Jackie Aquino...


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